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Welcome to the Daily New Year’s Podcast. Daily New Year’s is here to inspire you to seize the opportunity that every day provides: a fresh start & a new beginning to start improving your life.

Show Notes

  • The Daily New Year’s Philosophy – [00:25]
  • The 3 Problems with the Traditional New Years Resolution – [04:22]
  • 6 Steps to Better Goal Setting: Overcoming the New Years Resolution – [07:12]
  • 1. Access Where You Are Right Now – [07:22]
  • 2. Focus on Where You Want to Go – [08:47]
  • 3. Plan and Document Your Goals – [10:57]
  • 4. Breaking Your Goals Down – [14:35]
  • 5. Form Habits and Practice Discipline – [16:54]
  • 6. Support Each Other – [21:25]

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Let’s start conquering our goals together. After all, we’re all better together.

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