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In this week’s episode, I explore the difference between motivation as a reason why we do the things we do, and motivation as a small burst of energy that gets us going.

What’s the difference and why does it matter? Check out the episode to find out.

Show Notes

  • The Motivation Manifesto – [01:45]
  • Motivation as an Energy Source – [03:20]
  • Motivation as a Reason Why – [05:20]
  • We Don’t Need Motivation, We Need a Why – [08:10]

Links and Resources from this Episode

Quotes from this Episode

“We don’t need motivation. We need to find ourselves in what’s true and honest, and when it matters to us, we’ll do whatever it takes.”Dr. Michael Gervais on the Tim Ferris Show.

“You didn’t lose your motivation, you just forgot what you’re fighting for.”Brendon Burchard

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