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Have you ever ran a marathon?

How would you approach such an enormous task?

I doubt that you would sign up for a marathon, show up on race day, and start sprinting towards the end as fast as you could with no training under your belt, right? That would be crazy!

Many of our goals in life are much bigger than we think, and just like a marathon, we have to plan, take action daily, build momentum, and see our goals through to the finish line. If you’ve tried tackling big goals in the past and failed, it’s not your fault.

In today’s fast-paced environment, it’s difficult to stay focused, and it’s even more difficult to not give into the need for instant gratification. I totally get it!

In this week’s episode of the podcast, I outline a simple strategy to help you overcome the sprint-based mentality of goal setting and, instead, focus on the steady race towards success.

Show Notes

  • The Fundamental Problem with New Year’s Resolutions – [02:50]
  • “If you have a strong enough why you can do anything.” – [03:22]
  • 3 Steps to Achieving Massive Goals
    • Step 1: Write down your goal and WHY you want to do it. – [04:04]
    • Step 2: Plan it out 30, 60, or even 90 days into the future. – [04:55]
    • Step 3: Take it day by day. – [06:25]
  • Put Your Plan Somewhere You Can See it Daily – [08:01]
  • Join the Goal Getter Community – [08:56]

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