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How are your finances?

I think this is a question that many of us avoid. Perhaps we find it boring or worse, we’re afraid to know the answer. Either way, sometimes it’s easier to just keep making minimum payments and ignoring our finances altogether.

Why fix what isn’t broken, right? Well, if we ignore our finances, we can’t plan for the future, and if we don’t plan for the future, our finances will someday control our lives. The difference is, today we have a chance to take control while later in life, it may be too late.

I know that for many of us (myself included) personal finances aren’t the sexiest or most exciting topic to talk about, and even though I’m not a financial advisor, every once in a while I do get excited about money and I like to share the tips, tricks, and strategies that I’m using to improve my own financial situation. I’m confident they’ll help you too!

Show Notes

  • 1. Review Your Fixed Monthly Expenses – [01:40]
  • 2. Evaluate Your Extra Spending – [04:15]
  • 3. Total Up Your Debt – [07:03]
  • 4. Set a Financial Goal – [09:05]
  • 5. Start a Budget – [11:14]
  • Work Backward from Your Goal – [12:30]
  • Budgets Provide Freedom, not Restriction – [16:25]

Links and Resources from this Episode

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