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Generally, I like to talk about tips, tricks, and strategies on how to achieve a broad spectrum of goals – no matter what your goals might be – but I occasionally like to talk about goals I’m pursuing in my own personal life that I think you might like to try.

Over the past 18-24 months, I’ve been working hard to address my personal finances, because, for a long time, I didn’t take my personal finances seriously enough. I procrastinated several key things I should have been doing, such as saving for retirement and paying down debt.

I rarely recommend specific goals to try, but this week on the podcast I’m highlighting ten financial goals that I believe you should try to set for yourself in the year ahead.

Because you may not be able to tackle all ten at once, I’ve put these in the order that I pursued them, but feel free to tackle them in any order you prefer or just pick and choose the goals that excite you.

Show Notes

  1. Get a Free Credit Report – [02:00]
  2. Evaluate Your Finances and Build a Budget – [04:50]
  3. Read One Personal Finance Book (or more!) – [06:55]
  4. Ask for a Raise at Work – [09:42]
  5. Start a $1,000 Emergency Fund – [12:30]
  6. Pay Off Your Smallest Debt – [16:07]
  7. Start Saving 10% of Your Income – [19:55]
  8. Join a Matching Retirement Program – [22:37]
  9. Convert a Hobby Into a Side Hustle – [25:43]
  10. Meet with a Financial Advisor – [28:51]

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