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We all know that mentorship is an important and critical aspect of personal growth, but mentors aren’t always easy to find. And, if you’re an introvert, live in a small community, or just have trouble talking to people, asking someone to be your mentor can be difficult.

So, where can we find high quality, rock solid mentorship? Personally, I’ve found books, podcasts, YouTube videos, and blogs to be a great resource, if you dig deep enough.

In this week’s episode of the podcast, I’m talking about my five favorite mentors and how you can find some of your own.

Show Notes

  • In-Person Mentors vs. Digital/Long-Distance Mentors – [02:47]
  • #1 – Jeff Rose of Good Financial Cents/Wealth Hacker Labs – [03:16]
  • #2 – Brendon Burchard – [07:39]
  • #3 – Michael Hyatt – [10:16]
  • #4 – Darren Hardy – [13:19]
  • #5 – The Global Leadership Summit Faculty – [16:39]
  • How to Find Online Mentors of Your Own – [19:00]

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