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This week on the podcast I have special guest, Rocco Cozza.

I connected with Rocco on Instagram and then LinkedIn and found him to be a truly inspiring guy. He’s already done a ton of incredible things in his life, from breaking a state powerlifting record to speaking on a TedX stage in Canada, and I asked him on the show to share some of his life experiences.

Rocco has a unique message to share about Kindness, so I think you’ll get a ton of value out of this exciting interview. Here we go!

Show Notes

  • Getting to know Rocco Cozza – [02:47]
  • How to get accepted to a TedX – [03:51]
  • There is a problem in the world: people view kindness as a weakness. – [05:20]
  • Can being too nice hold us back? – [08:55]
  • The 80/20 Rule – There’s no such thing as perfection – [11:27]
  • We are 100% responsible for how we react to life. – [12:36]
    • Event + Reaction = Outcome
  • Be kind to yourself & avoid negative self-talk. -[15:28]
'Perfection doesn't exist, it's striving for excellence. If you can perform at a high level 80% of the time, that's excellence.' ~ Rocco CozzaClick To Tweet
  • Trust is everything. Trust is kindness. – [19:37]
  • Building trust with pro athletes. – [23:51]
  • Adopt a growth mindset and get comfortable with starting fresh. – [24:58]
  • The difference between Real Limitations and Limiting Beliefs – [26:35]
  • How do you stick with a long-term goal? – [30:00]
  • The power and neuroscience of writing your goals down. – [31:50]
  • How do you keep from getting discouraged on long-term goals? – [36:53]
  • Take action and build momentum toward your goals – [37:32]
  • Crushing state-wide powerlifting records – [39:15]
  • Connect with Rocco – [43:55]

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About Rocco Cozza

Rocco has had a passion for entrepreneurship and helping others since he was a child. He started his first business selling baseball cards to neighborhood kids during grade school, which evolved into helping them sell theirs.

Rocco went on to obtain a B.A. in Psychology, an MBA, and a JD. He began practicing law over 15 years ago and started his own firm, the Law Office of Rocco E. Cozza, in 2013 to help entrepreneurs and business owners the way in which he wanted. Since then, he has co-founded multiple businesses, from real estate to his business coaching and talent management company, The Cozza Company, where he advises former professional athletes, entertainers, musicians, and entrepreneurs.

Recently, he published a book called “The A.L.P.H.A. Way: 5 Keys to Unlocking Your Greatness and Living Your Best Life.

In a profession not known for it, Rocco takes a unique approach to business and the practice of law by leading with kindness. He is always willing to give his time to anyone that needs it and believes that the “unbillable” hour matters most.

Rocco also donates his time to various causes and is the President of the Board of Directors of Alpha House, a behavioral rehab treatment in Pittsburgh, PA that has been in existence since the 70’s. Rocco is married to his wife Laura, a health and wellness coach, and has 3 children (Gabe -17, Elliana – 9, and Malina – 5)

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